Sense of touch

The senses allow us to perceive the world, experience it, experience special moments - these are our wonderful human equipment that allows us to live fully and have a relationship with the world. We usually attach the greatest importance to the sense of sight and hearing - as those we "use" most often and those that determine the quality of our lives to the greatest extent. We often forget the importance and crucial importance of touch. Where is touch in your hierarchy of sensory importance?

The sense of touch is one of the most primal senses, thanks to which we perceive many sensations, it is also a physiological tool that receives stimuli. It includes sensory receptors located in various parts of the body, most of them on the hands and feet. Hands are a key "tool" in the service of touch - so they deserve special attention, care and care so that they serve us as well as possible.

The perception of tactile sensations plays a very important role, not only enabling learning about the world, but also warning against dangerous or unexpected sensations (e.g. a close encounter with a hot iron), thus influencing the sense of security, emotional balance, concentration and movement.

Touch also has an important psychological function - it serves us to establish, develop and deepen relationships with another person. The lack or insufficient amount of tactile stimuli, especially in childhood, can disrupt emotional and cognitive development, and even threaten life and health - as evidenced, for example, by the research of the psychologist Harry Harlow. 

When a good, supportive touch is lacking in childhood or adulthood, we lose contact with our body and psychophysical well-being. That is why touch is so important for the comprehensive development of a person at every stage of life.

Hands are the main "carrier" of touch, it is worth taking care of them, nourishing them, keeping them in good condition so that they serve us to create the world, perceive it and build relationships - with ourselves and with others.


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Super moisturised and smooth hands! A super glove mask in a wonderful creamy serum texture. Very much a serum in a glove of 30 grams, gives you the assurance of a complete care of the skin of the hands, cuticles and nails. After 30 minutes in the glove, the hands regain their smoothness, are moisturised and the skin has a natural healthy tone. I have sensitive hands and find it hard to get them in order after winter, after 2 home spa treatments for my hands my skin is in super condition, and previously no hand masks worked for me.

Pros: Super composition, high serum content, texture and fragrance, smartphone friendly gloves
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I am a woman of 40+ and a product like this is a great solution for me. I used the gloves with the retinol cocktail and the effect was great after the first use. My hands were smoother, less visible wrinkles and better skin colour.

Advantages: form of application - gloves, pleasant fragrance - moisturises well
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The gloves are made of a pleasant material, the closure around the wrists prevents the cream from escaping. The mask smells beautiful and gives the effect of a professional treatment. Hands are rested, smooth and moisturised - the effect lasts until the next day.
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Comfortable to use. Greatly regenerates and nourishes the hand skin. Hands are smooth, moisturised and soft.

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