About handy lab.

The idea of creating an original brand focused on hand care along with promoting artists, supporting others in need, and engaging experts from various areas of life, was not born accidenaly. I have always had a need to act and create, especially when it comes to ideas that are important to me. I believe that taking care of yourself is the essential base which helps you create Compound care for others. Handy lab. arose to restore the sense of touch to its meaning. We experience the world with our senses, discover its beauty, build relationships, we are present. It is crucial for the process of establishing and deepening relationships with other person. Touch is hands. And conscious hand care is a handy lab. Handy lab is not only unique products, it is also ideas thanks to which we can Make life fuller. Natural and conscious hand care, supporting those who are in a difficult psychological situation, giving young artists a chance – in our laboratory we look for solutions in many areas of our lives.

Nourishing hands skin mixtutre closed with gloves is original blend of carefully selected ingredients, it is also your home ritual, during which you will thank your hands for everything you can do thanks to them Vegan recipe, comfortable gloves smartphone friendly, size unisex – Yes of course your man deserves extreme hand care too – give your hands what is the best and #GiveMeYourHands. This is the beginning of our mission, soon You’ll find new products which definitely surprise You!

handy lab. Team


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