White Moon soy candle 200g

Handy Lab Scented Candle. White Moon, will fill your interior with a subtle fragrance


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Unisex dimensions.
Good for women and men


About the product

Scented candle handy lab. White Moonwill fill the interior with the subtle scent of patchouli mood with a hint of white tea and will bring calmness and inner balance to the every time you light it.

Its subtle and elegant design will fit perfectly into the interior of your home.

The White Moon candle is the perfect complement to the home spa ritual philosophy accompanied by hand cocktails enclosed in a glove from the same series from the handy lab brand. available in the handylab.co.uk shop and from our partners

Light the candles, enjoy the warm atmosphere of your interior.

Capacity 200 g

Made in Poland on the basis of natural soy wax.
Frosted white glass

Main advantages

White Moon Ritual. Put on the serum gloves from handy lab. and make a home spa! Polish product, vegan product, soy wax.


Natural soy wax

Frequently asked questions

In terms of ingredients, here I would definitely recommend the hyaluronic one. In theory, I once heard that methylparaben can be potentially irritating with AD, but I have quite a tendency to this myself, and absolutely nothing happens to me. On the contrary, my hands feel very moisturised and nourished. I would indeed avoid retinol, especially in AD flare-ups. It can cause increased irritation or redness of the skin, although as usual this is very much an individual issue. :)

Again - this comes down to an individual issue. Fragrances have a considerable allergenic potential (Parfum), but here the scent is really subtle and the hand skin is undoubtedly less delicate than, for example, the sensitive eye area. Nevertheless, with very allergy-sensitive skin, I would avoid fragrances. 

I don't cling to parabens, as this publicity about them is completely unnecessary. They are well researched and are found in masses of products for very sensitive skin. 

This is where I would think about, or poke around with, an alternative version of a night product with a similar formulation:

- The gloves will be heavily occlusive, but also impermeable due to the serum being enclosed in a package that prevents leakage / evaporation (if only because of the possibility of using phones etc. at the time).

Here I would suggest two alternatives:

- cotton gloves with your logo (universal, reusable)
and strong mask / your new hand cream) 

Or a version of a serum applied to the hands + a heavier cream, a'la paraffin cream. From what I gather, Bielenda professional has released such products for people for whom traditional paraffin therapy is not possible or recommended

- In this overnight form, for example, they can have a negative effect on hybrid varnish,
or even the natural tile by over-softening it. It would be damp
and at the same time a closed environment. Of course, gloves have ingredients that prevent bacterial growth, but hybrid varnish could have a much reduced lifespan or fall off sooner.

They can confidently be used in the teenage years, where, incidentally, AD or other skin problems are common. Of course, hyaluron would be "gentler", but retinol is also introduced in teenage patients, only the process of introducing them into skincare is even more cautious. 

Considering that puberty is falling earlier and earlier, around 11-12 years? I don't know how you guys aim for that, but they are really objectively very safe and good compositionally.

With breastfeeding, sooner. In pregnancy, retinol is discouraged, due to its high activity and penetration potential. One might think, for example:
of an alternative from bacuchiol, considered to be its safe (also
during pregnancy) substitute.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Write to us!

White Moon soy candle 200g

Handy Lab Scented Candle. White Moon, will fill your interior with a subtle fragrance


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- S.O.S hand treatments
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A regenerating and nurturing mask encapsulated in gloves with a subtle white tea fragrance for intensive hand care.

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Customer feedback

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Super moisturised and smooth hands! A super glove mask in a wonderful creamy serum texture. Very much a serum in a glove of 30 grams, gives you the assurance of a complete care of the skin of the hands, cuticles and nails. After 30 minutes in the glove, the hands regain their smoothness, are moisturised and the skin has a natural healthy tone. I have sensitive hands and find it hard to get them in order after winter, after 2 home spa treatments for my hands my skin is in super condition, and previously no hand masks worked for me.

Pros: Super composition, high serum content, texture and fragrance, smartphone friendly gloves
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I am a woman of 40+ and a product like this is a great solution for me. I used the gloves with the retinol cocktail and the effect was great after the first use. My hands were smoother, less visible wrinkles and better skin colour.

Advantages: form of application - gloves, pleasant fragrance - moisturises well
No nameuser
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The gloves are made of a pleasant material, the closure around the wrists prevents the cream from escaping. The mask smells beautiful and gives the effect of a professional treatment. Hands are rested, smooth and moisturised - the effect lasts until the next day.
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Comfortable to use. Greatly regenerates and nourishes the hand skin. Hands are smooth, moisturised and soft.

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