Some ways to improve the condition of your hand skin. Brand expert - cosmetologist Justyna Gałat

Introducing Justyna Gałat - handy lab brand EXPERTS. ✋ A cosmetologist who creates individual treatment therapies in her work and strives to educate patients on the importance of a holistic approach to care, including hand care.

She often says that "the state of our skin is a reflection of the state of the body, so it's important to take care of all the side aspects". 💆 In our joint series, Justyna will be talking about holistic hand care and how to put it into practice in a simple way. 


Hand care is an extremely important yet often overlooked part of the daily skincare routine. It is often tempting to say that most creams or active substances,
successfully applied to the face or neck area, will do just as well in hand skin care. So why are these areas still so strongly demarcated?

Below I share with you my ways to improve the skin condition of our hands:

  1. Ensure UV protection

UV radiation is one of the main sources of photo-ageing and pigmented changes in the skin. Even if the tendency to hyperpigmentation is a matter of genetics, we can still delay or minimise the risk of their formation through proper UV protection. This is especially true for those who regularly exfoliate their hands or use acids with photosensitising potential. The risk of increased skin photosensitivity even increases when drinking certain herbal teas, such as St. John's wort. It is worth bearing this in mind, especially in summer!

  • Regularly exfoliate calloused skin, including with acids

Exfoliation of the skin is a great ally in the fight to improve the condition of the skin, even out its colour or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Regular removal of dead skin cells also has a positive effect on the absorption of active ingredients from the creams or masks we use. There is no denying that there is nothing worse than well-groomed nails accompanied by dry and "ragged" cuticles.

Of the home remedies, a gentle exfoliation created from sugar with honey or olive oil will work wonderfully. Both products contain beneficial properties that help the skin visibly regain its radiance and smoothness.

  • Retinol - an anti-age treatment for our hands

Is retinol an active ingredient intended only for use on the face? You probably hear this most often, but it is a substance with a much broader spectrum of action. Indeed, retinol shows great results in anti-age treatments or in the elimination of hyperpigmentation. It also performs excellently in duo with vitamin C, contributing to a strong brightening of the skin, as well as delaying the ageing process. It is a powerful antioxidant duo that benefits the cell renewal cycle. When used regularly on the hand area, it will result not only in an improved appearance, but also in much better skin condition in the treatment areas.

  • Grease and moisturise

Hydrating and moisturising are, in spite of appearances, two different yet perfectly complementary features of the Hyaluronic Acid Mask. The hyaluronic acid present in it perfectly moisturises the skin, contributing to an improvement in skin condition, while the macadamia oil closes the whole, thus creating an occlusion. Macadamia oil also exhibits beneficial properties such as skin irritation reduction, anti-ageing and antioxidant effects.

  •   Occlusion, occlusion!

I mention it when writing about macadamia oil, but what exactly is it? Occlusion prevents the evaporation of active ingredients from the skin's surface. It promotes better absorption of products into our skin and enhances the final effect of skincare treatments. There is nothing better than a 20-minute relaxation with candlelight, music or meditation, combined with an express and highly effective treatment from Handy Lab.

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This month, we have the impression that time is accelerating - at home, at work - we are chasing to prepare for Christmas, New Year's Eve, "closing" important topics by the end of the year. It is also a time of challenges for our hands - weather conditions (minus temperatures), a multitude of pre-holiday housework (is cleaning windows in December also a challenge for you? Christmas dishes, shopping, cooking, gift wrapping - the list is long :). Our hands are exposed to a number of unfavorable influences, while they look good at the festive table or at the New Year's Eve party.

We are happy to take your hands in ours

Handy lab. - a new brand focused on hand care is now available for sale From December 2021, the online store starts selling a unique line of hand care cosmetics. Handy lab. is an original Polish brand offering hand care cosmetics. The brand's offer includes gloved masks, providing a home ritual of hand care.

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Spring is with us for good, and with it the sun!

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Super moisturised and smooth hands! A super glove mask in a wonderful creamy serum texture. Very much a serum in a glove of 30 grams, gives you the assurance of a complete care of the skin of the hands, cuticles and nails. After 30 minutes in the glove, the hands regain their smoothness, are moisturised and the skin has a natural healthy tone. I have sensitive hands and find it hard to get them in order after winter, after 2 home spa treatments for my hands my skin is in super condition, and previously no hand masks worked for me.

Pros: Super composition, high serum content, texture and fragrance, smartphone friendly gloves
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I am a woman of 40+ and a product like this is a great solution for me. I used the gloves with the retinol cocktail and the effect was great after the first use. My hands were smoother, less visible wrinkles and better skin colour.

Advantages: form of application - gloves, pleasant fragrance - moisturises well
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The gloves are made of a pleasant material, the closure around the wrists prevents the cream from escaping. The mask smells beautiful and gives the effect of a professional treatment. Hands are rested, smooth and moisturised - the effect lasts until the next day.
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Comfortable to use. Greatly regenerates and nourishes the hand skin. Hands are smooth, moisturised and soft.

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