Handy lab. with the prestigious Excellence of the Year 2023 award of the "Twój Styl" magazine

Once again, a distinguished group of jurors awarded prizes in the competition, which is an indicator of cosmetic trends, as well as a great inspiration for readers of one of the most prestigious magazines in Poland. During the 29th edition of the Excellence of the Year 2023 competition of the "Twój Styl" monthly, the handy lab brand was among the winners, awarded for its bestselling hand cream [...].

The Great Handy Lab Testing.

For the Big Test of the Extreme Retinol and Extreme Hyaluron masks, we invited 3 fans of the brand who signed up via Social Media. Participants saw a difference in the firmness, softness of their hand skin, as well as the hydration of dry cuticles at the nails, after just the first use of the masks. In the case of Extreme Hyaluron, the skin was visibly hydrated and supple, and in the case of [...]

Retinol. How and when to use it? Expert Justyna Galat.

Retinoids are substances with an exceptionally broad spectrum of action, which is why they appear so often in more and more new cosmetic products. What is their action? They stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin and inhibit their degradation. Retinoids also counteract the appearance of discolouration, have an antibacterial effect and regulate the sebaceous glands. This makes them extremely versatile active ingredients in complex [...].

Some ways to improve the condition of your hand skin. Brand expert - cosmetologist Justyna Gałat

Introducing Justyna Galat - handy lab brand EXPERT. ✋ A cosmetologist who in her work creates individual treatment therapies and tries to educate patients on the importance of a holistic approach to skin care, including hand care. She often says that "the state of our skin is a reflection of the state of the body, which is why it is so important to take care of all the side aspects". 💆 In our joint [...]

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